Umami Sencha


Matcha-Infused Organic Green Tea Bags - 20 tea bags / box

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our Umami Sencha. Each tea bag offers the perfect blend of organic loose leaves and organic ceremonial matcha powder. This duality offers you the micro-dosage of caffeine kick you need paired with the soothing sense of relaxation. 


Preparation Guide

Set your intentions, clear your mind, and open your senses...

1. Place a single Umami Sencha tea bag in a mug.
2. Pour hot water inside the tea mug. (Temperature to be just below boiling.)
3. Allow to steep for 2 minutes.
4. Use a single sachet up to 5 steeps; just refill with hot water.

- Store tea box inside the fridge for a longer shelf life.
- Keep tea bags away from the light to preserve the matcha’s chlorophyll content.

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