“the spirit of continuous improvement”

Our Why


We aspire to create exceptional experiences through the healing power of organic matcha.


Zen is an essence of wisdom that innately exists within us. The Way of Zen connects to The Way of Tea, influences The Way of Life. Our sincere hope is for you to find your own center and way of being that Japanese culture teaches us, and support you on your authentic journey toward your Highest Self.

Our Guiding Light

Our core values keep us connected and centered in our truth. They inspire us to be the best versions of ourselves as we work to embody the essence of the brand in its fullest dimensionality.


Our prime dedication lies in “beyond-organic” practices. Our tea plants are produced sustainably embracing all-natural farming techniques, to provide you our products in its purest form. We are committed to bringing culture to agriculture for the wellness of our farms, our soil, and ultimately our planet.


To empower our generation to make conscious choices that will positively impact their health through awareness, education and story-telling. We hope to pave the path for humanity to invest in their most valuable asset in life. A healthy life earns us time to spend it with people who matter.


To manifest globally, yet engage locally. We thrive on the energy of emphasizing 'unity’ in the power of community. The dream is to strengthen the bond of humankind through our products and bring a sense of connectedness to the deeper world around you.


As we strive for sustainability through an environmental lens, we also aspire to foster a healthy ecosystem within business through the lens of humanity. That includes us, our tea growers, packaging producers, bowl artisans, and everyone in between. We select vendors who align with our values and see them as an extension of our family, globally-connecting us for the greater. good.


Our ambition is deeply rooted from our love & respect for culture, tradition & authenticity. The spirit of honoring our upbringings - to maintain it, yet elevate it, as we pass it down to our future generations. To preserve culture, we must continue to create it.

Rooted in Japanese Tradition

This transformative cultural encounter guides us to be present and immersed in the deeper world around us, with every sensory wide open. It’s minimalistic approach and succinct teachings infuse us with greater kindness and shift our paradigm to a holistic way of thinking, rather than a dualistic one. When we embody Zen as a way of being, we are honoring life itself as a ceremony - with each moment, each practice.

Behind the Brand

The meaning of Chafinity
“Cha-” directly translates to tea | “-finity” means having definable limits in its nature of existence

Our tea is grown on a small family farm, focusing on quality of excellence over massproduction. Chafinity orders in small batches to provide our customers the freshest of tea,harvested only once a year.

The Humble Travelers

It all started with a trip back home to Japan...

Founder’s Story

"Coming Back Home"

Their journey into matcha and green tea began in a rather magical way. Prior to starting Chafinity, Kentaro lived an unhealthy lifestyle that consisted of eating poorly, drinking alcohol, and working in a highly stressful job. This is where their first trip to Japan sparked a connection to their roots to live a more purposeful life. After experiencing a traditional tea ceremony in Kyoto, Japan, they realized that matcha was being misrepresented in America.

Through Kentaro’s family connection in Kagoshima, Japan, we connected with a green tea farmer that valued organic farming and wellness. This green tea farmer happened to reside in the same village in Kagoshima, Japan, as Kentaro’s family and ancestors. This was no longer just about business, as this journey was about fulfilling a destiny.

Founder’s Values:

Health + Wellness
Understanding that life is about making conscious choices. The mindfulness practice of choosing consciously of what we put inside of our bodies whether it is foods, thoughts, activities or relationships. By constantly cleansing and detoxing our bodies, we are able to have the opportunity to become a bit more sensitive energetically in order to connect inwards to our hearts.

We are all made up of energies. Hence, humans cannot keep taking from Mother Earth, as we in return need to give back to balance out energies. As humans continue to consume and take, we need to replenish the soil back with minerals and nutrients.

Respecting Culture
The founders immerse themselves in Japanese history and culture. As a student of Chanoyu (Japanese tea ceremony) under the teachings of Omotesenke, they are able to encompass tea as a way of life. A cup of tea brings people together. And through tea, we are able to share knowledge about the truths of life.

Kaizen’ - the japanese proverb meaning the ever-lasting process of evolving and growing. They have a passion for being students of life in order to raise the collective consciousness.

Our Farm

Our organic green tea and matcha hails all the way from Kagoshima, Japan - known as the Land of Resources. We are honored and privileged to work alongside the small family farm we stand by today. Our lifework as a family-centered brand includes validating these small family farms, driven through the pure passion for their people, for their community and for the earth we walk on.

Embedded in Truth

Every living thing is made up of energy. It’s the kind of energy and life force that comes from aplace of love and truth. It fills you up, makes you whole, and transforms you into your best self. When it comes to the food we put inside our bodies, we only believe in providing ourselves with the absolute best. To us quality matters, the integrity of the person that grew the food matters, and purity matters. Nourish your body with the best products Mother Nature has to offer.


All Chafinity® teas carry the USDA Organic Certification seal, ensuring the utmost highest standard for organic practices. With a zero-tolerance in pesticides along with any other chemical additives, we only believe in agricultural methods that work with nature, not against. In addition to our certified products, all of our associated facilities (including ourselves) are Certified Organic, audited annually by SCS Global Services.

We are proud to be organic at home and across the globe! U.S. and Japan have an equivalent arrangement that states as long as the terms of the agreement are met, U.S. and Japanese organic products up to code in USDA standards or JAS standards may be sold, labeled, and represented as organic in both countries.

The teas we offer are completely gluten-free, and the accessories and the packaging materials undergo a process without any risks of cross-contamination. For our customers with gluten-sensitivity, we stand by you.

All Chafinity®products are never genetically mondified, audited annually by SCS Global Services. We vow that the goodness inside our products come from a place of purity and transparency.

We respect all dietary needs, and we feel so honored to be a part of a green-based industry. Our tea products are purely derived from one plant and one plant only --- the Camellia Sinensis.

As our farmers actively give back to the Earth, it is our job to make active choices to help eliminate illegal deforestation. Chafinity® offers all packaging made from recyclable materials that are FSC-certified forest products.


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