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Boosts energy, enhances mood, reduces insomnia, releases fatigue to wake up more exhilarated.
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Catechin EGCG Vitamin B2 C
Reduces sunspots and redness, shrinks pores, suppresses acne, evens out skin tone, promotes moisture retention, skin elasticity, aids tissues to utilize oxygen more efficiently, stimulates hair growth, protects against harmful UV rays.
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Gut Health

Catechin Chlorophyll Vitamin B2 C
Improves gut composition (the intestine has over 100 trillion bacteria, relating to constipation, allergies, obesity, cancer, diabetes, & heart disease), raises thermogenesis to burn internal fats, detoxes by alkalizing the pH in the body, metabolizes sugar/amino acids/lipids.
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L-Theanine Caffeine
Releases alpha brain waves that enhance relaxation and creativity, provides a perfect balance of yin & yang with the rush of Caffeine balanced with the calmness of L-Theanine.
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Catechin L-Theanine
Relaxes the brain to induce mental clarity, suppresses reactive oxygen to prevent damage in nerve cells, maintains nerve cells that monitor memory, relieves migraines, improves concentration.
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Catechin EGCG Vitamin C K
Anti-viral/anti-bacterial/anti-flu properties reduce both foodborne and general illnesses, inhibits the growth of disease-inducing microorganisms such as Influenza, Hepatitis, Herpes, and strep throat; maintains blood pressure and lowers blood pressure.
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Physical Performance

EGCG Polyphenol Vitamin C E P
Increases endurance, quickens reaction time, diminishes development of arthritis, provides strong anit-inflammatory effects, promotes muscle recovery, blocks production of molecules that cause joint damage, preserves cartilage and bone.


Loose Leaves and Matcha are both derived from the same plant (Camellia Sinensis), but possess completely different qualities from the way it is refined, the consistency and the process of preparation.

Either green elixir you choose, both superfoods carry prodigious benefits that will provide overall balance, maintenance and rejuvenation for your mind, body and soul.

Loose Leaves


• Deprived from sunlight to increase antioxidants + amino acid level

• First harvest, organically grown

The Cultivation Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha


• Deprived from sunlight to increase antioxidants + amino acid level

• First harvest, organically grown

• Steamed • Dried

• Rolled • Stone-milled

The Process Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• Steamed • Dried

• Rolled into iconic pine-needle shape

• Fluorescent green

The Color Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• Translucent green

• Aroma • Ambrosial

Flavor • Buttery umami

Aftertaste • Mild

The Taste Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• Aroma • Herbaceous

Flavor • Full-bodied

Aftertaste • Mellow

• About 70mg

The Caffeine Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• About 30mg

• Whisked

up to 80ºC | 176ªF

The Preparation Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• Steeped

up to 100ªC | 212ªF

• Ingest the whole breadth

of the leaf and its nutrients

The Intake Difference Between Loose Leaves and Matcha

• Ingest the

nutrient-infused water


Our farmer is the only farmer in the world that grinds Gyokuro into Matcha.

Matcha is most commonly grounded from Tencha leaves. The main difference between Gyokuro is that Tencha is not kneaded the way Gyokuro is cared for. The extra kneading process enables the cell walls to be broken down to easily be infused in water. Soak in every drop of amino acids and antioxidants in every cup.

Chafinity® only uses First Harvest tea leaves for all products.

Green tea is usually harvested within four flushes, with the First Harvest being the most premium flush in terms of quality and value. First Harvest tea leaves are packed with the most nutrients because it endures the harsh cold winter conditions to grow strong for the springtime. Our tea specializes in only Premium quality, harvested only once a year in small batch quantities - we don’t believe in sifting through different grades (culinary, latte, ceremonial, etc), but offer the best of the best all across the board.

Our tea plants are nurtured in homemade fertilizer.

The surplus of leftovers in supermarkets and convenient stores are gathered to prevent waste, and returned back to the soil to convert into energy. One spoonful of fertilized soil contains about 200 billion microorganisms. By befriending them, these microbes serve as a vital energy source to activate the soil and help the plants absorb its proper nutrients. This is the cycle of nature in its rawest form. Healthy soil nourishes healthy tea plants. Healthy tea plants nurture a healthier you.

The Gyokuro shading process is not single, but doubled.

The conventional process of Gyokuro is done by shading the tea leaves with a single layer of special tarp. When deprived from sunlight, high amount of chlorophyll and L-theanine are preserved in the leaf. Chlorophyll is responsible for the rich green pigment, while the theanine brings out the umami. Our farmer takes the extra heart & extensive labor to add two extra layers of shading to produce the highest quality of tea.

We are firm believers in Beyond Organic practices.

We grow the Gyokuro leaves organically, which is extremely difficult to accomplish because the gyokuro tea plant has very delicate process. No chemicals, herbicides, or pesticides are ever used, instead ladybugs are released for aphid-control. 100% organically grown.

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