Kantan Matcha


Organic Matcha Easy Sticks - 15 sticks / box

Kantan means "simple" in Japanese. Enjoy the ease of organic matcha on-the-go with our Kantan Matcha sticks. Each stick is conveniently filled with a serving of our organic ceremonial matcha, packed with L-theanine, antioxidants, and deep umami flavor. Take health with you, wherever you go.


Preparation Guide

Set your intentions, clear your mind, and open your senses...

1. Pour a packet of Kantan Matcha into a capped vessel with drinking water.
2. Shake vigorously until matcha fully incorporates and begins to froth.
3. Reshake upon each sip.

- Store the tea box inside the fridge for a longer shelf life.
- Keep the sticks away from the light to preserve the matcha’s chlorophyll content.

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