The Chafinity Zen Experience

A State of Holistic Health

Holistic health & optimal wellbeing is an active process of being aware, setting intentions, and making choices.

More Than Just Tea,
It's a Way of Life


[ kahy-zen ] noun

"the spirit of continuous improvement"

Kaizen through the Art of Tea

From the humble leaf, to its intricate steaming and rolling process, to the spiritual practice of preparing it, green tea serves us as a vehicle to live life in a more clarified and awakened way. One cup has the beautiful, nature-given power to bring us to the present moment and gaze deeply within. This grounding moment gives us the self-discipline to seek change within ourselves and continuously improve for the greater good. We crafted our products with an intention to rekindle the bonds of the human spirit in line with nature, and create oneness beyond the tea space. Unlock your fullest potential by devoting your life to optimal health.

Lead with intention and live in your truth.


Purify your entire being - from the physical to your spiritual.


Expand your self-improvement toward collective improvement.


Harbor a lifestyle that is purposeful, but at a measured pace.


Live with integrity throughout your journey of self-discovery.

Discover the Ritual of
Japanese Tea Ceremony

Ancient Japanese philosophy reminds us the fragility and fleetingness of life. It's about flowing with transience and embracing the perfect moment in our imperfect life. With a vision of integrating the deep and rich culture of 'Chado (tea ceremony) into today's busy world, we encourage our greater Chafinity family to take some time for yourselves each and every day, and ground yourself to the present moment. Incorporate these gifts into your daily lives and encounter a transformation more profound than you could ever imagine.

Made with love for you, the true warrior, in mind. Let go of the stress of life and embrace your Higher Self with the power of Gyokuro Matcha.
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Pure, Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha

A high vibrational state of being starts with pure, organic products "heartfully-crafted" with honest ingredients rooted in sustainable practices.


Experience Zen

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