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Green tea has a beautiful, nature-given power to bring people together through a single cup. It is a minimalistic lifestyle that deepens the human connection, embracing harmony, unity and revitalization for the mind, body & soul. From the humble leaf, to its intricate steaming and rolling process, to the spiritual experience preparing it, green tea serves us as a vehicle to live life in a more clarified and awakened way. We created our products with an intention to rekindle the bonds of the human spirit in line with nature to create oneness beyond the tea space. Unlock your fullest potential by devoting your life to optimum health.

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Celebrate the ritual of japanese green tea and manifest your best health for your greatest wealth infographic by Chafinity Celebrate the ritual of japanese green tea and manifest your best health for your greatest wealth infographic by Chafinity


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Beyond Organic Matcha  |  Chafinity® is passionate about discovering exclusive teas from around the world ‘heartfully-crafted’ from small family farms, making it available for all people. We are inspired to shed light on the importance of quality and build a connection with independent farmers that continuously sharpen their integrity in organics.

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More Than Just Tea, It's a Way of Life.

With a vision of integrating the rich Japanese culture of  'Chado' 「 茶道 」(tea ceremony) into today’s busy world, we encourage our greater Chafinity family to take a moment for themselves each and every day and honor their body and mind. Incorporate these gifts into your daily lives and encounter a transformation more profound than you could ever imagine. Made with love for you, the true warrior, in mind. Let go of the stress of life and embrace your higher self with the power of Gyokuro Matcha.

We don't believe in additives, Chafinity believes in antioxidants

Words of Wisdom

Shuichiro Sakamoto - Our Samurai Farmer

Shuichiro Sakamoto - Our Samurai Farmer

| TRANSLATED: | "Dear Chafinity Customers,  Nice to meet you, my name is Sakamoto, and I make tea in Japan. We have been making tea since my grand...
Molly Montgomery - Business Strategist & Executive Coach

Molly Montgomery - Business Strategist & Executive Coach

Self care plays a significant role in my life and my work. My morning meditation and journaling practice sets the foundation for my day, and is a n...
Jenifer Vo- Hemp Ethnobotanist

Jenifer Vo- Hemp Ethnobotanist

Bonjour! My name is Jenifer Vo, I am a Vietnamese-American born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I am a team member of Olalla Ranch LLC and am...

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