Small Family Farms

Small Family Farms

Our food and agricultural system has become a tricky industry. Crops and commodities are defined at the mercy of unpredictable weather trends and fluctuations in consumer demand and market competition. These circumstances bring up the ongoing dispute of which scale framework of farming is most viable for our nation’s future. The American model of large scale and automated, corporate-driven agriculture is sought to be the only way to feed the global population, while small scale models are deemed unproductive. When our life path intersected with the farmer we stand beside today, we are continuing to learn that small family farms like ours provide a progressive, ecological vision for the future generations to come.  

Small farms rekindle a feeling of connectedness between the food we eat and the land we live on. Being surrounded by locally-grown produce are beautiful little reminders of the hearts and hands of humankind work to make the food we eat, beyond a business label. Like-minded small farm owners build a sense of community by working with one another to become a more competitive force in the agronomical market. Even with all the resource options in the world, they show their support by purchasing all their goods locally, empowering the community to stay aligned with their passion, keep doing what they are best at. It also creates more job opportunities on top of facilitating neighborhood goodwill. 

Agricultural produce should not be managed the same way as other commodities. These goods need thoughtful attention, forward-thinking, and a continual investment in sustainability. That ‘s why our farms are able to bring culture to agriculture, cultivating not only good produce, but also enhancing the livelihood of all living things from the soil to the people. These types of private farms are more efficient in a way that they make the most out of the land provided, and its availability of fresh produce yield to a more sound foundation to the country’s food system. 

Our lifework as a family-centered brand includes validating these small family farms, driven through the pure passion for their people, for their community and for the earth we walk on.

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