Matcha Enlightenment

What is Matcha?

Matcha is a fine stone ground powder made of specially grown green tea leaves used as an elixir for healing centuries ago. The culture of matcha continues to evolve, now used in a widespread of novelty drinks, cuisine, dessert, and beauty products.

Matcha is primarily categorized into two main grades

The classification is defined by its harvest, color, flavor profile, and its purpose.


Harvest: First Flush
Color: Vibrant Green
Flavor Profile: Earthy, Smooth
Purpose: Traditionally used in a Japanese tea ceremony setting, Ceremonial Matcha comes from the youngest part of the tea plant, regarded as the most nutrient-dense, highest quality of them all.


Harvest: Later Flushes
Color: Moss Green
Flavor Profile: Astringent, Potent
Purpose: Culinary matcha is commonly used as a supplement or flavor enhancement for different types of drinks and cuisines, derived from later harvests.

A Brief History of Matcha

Since time immemorial, matcha has been consumed as an aid for healing, as well as an exhibition of social class. Monks used matcha to reach enlightenment and to achieve a focused mind during meditation. The monks spread the teachings of matcha to the Samurai class, equipping them with long-lasting energy for drawn-out battles.

Types of Japanese Green Tea

The Healing Power of Gyokuro Matcha

Calming Energy
Multidimensional Wellness
Spiritual Alignment
Alkaline Balance
Inner Radiance
Grounded Focus

Kagoshima Japan’s Richest, Superior Quality Matcha

Our matcha is grown in Kagoshima, Japan, deemed as The Land of Resources. It’s quietly tucked away in the most southern-tip of the island far away from the congestion of the city, known for its abundance in natural resources. Locals possess a unique life energy with their own creative purpose, and carry their own sense of pride and ikigai that honor their sacred journey.

Our Gyokuro Tea Leaves are cultivated in this very environment that ebbs and flows with the natural rhythms of all living existences. Kagoshima is a place of natural beauty layered with a rich history - a place of healing; a place of self-exploration. The elemental vibration of the land manifests into the organic nature of our products.

Pure, Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha

A high vibrational state of being starts with pure, organic products "heartfully-crafted" with honest ingredients rooted in sustainable practices.


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