The Chafinity Difference

The Path to Higher Health

The journey towards higher health is a chosen path of seeking truth; an ever-evolving process of opening our minds, setting our intentions and optimizing our bodies with reverence and purity. It’s about honoring the entire breadth of our well-being, and nourishing our bodies from a soul-level.

[ ichi-go ichi-e ]

"One time, one meeting"

More Than Just Tea,
It’s a Way of Life

The Way of Tea inspires us to treasure the transcendent, unrepeatable nature of a given moment. The intimate experience of whisking our intention into our daily cup is a mindful moment we create for ourselves, rooting us into the now. Sometimes, the most mundane moments can make us feel the most alive, and grateful for the beauty that already exists - right where we are. No single encounter can be replicated, but one single moment, one soul, can change your whole world.

...The encounter with our farmer was just that, and our lives will forever be changed.

From Family Farm to Cup

Single Origin: Kagoshima, Japan

We live in a culture that is in constant pursuit of more, better, best. This energy holds true not just within our lifestyles, but also in the way we engage with our Earth. Our deep endeavor in intentional and conscious living stems from the essence of our farmers, who devote their lives to the quality of their farmland.


Beyond Organic

Our honor is to empower these small family farms who sharpen their integrity in organics, and the deep, reverent process that goes behind it. It’s about aligning ourselves with the natural rhythm of Earth, and to restore what we once took. A ‘beyond organic’ approach is to circulate the minerals back into the soil to continue the sacred cycle of life.


Purpose Unites Us

Our deep connection with our farmer comes from a shared collective vision. The vision to shine light and spread truth for multigenerational wellness. We are an extension of our Farmer, while the Farmer is the true heart-center of it all.



Our farmer is the only farmer in the world that grinds Gyokuro into Matcha.

Matcha is commonly ground from the Tencha leaf. The Gyokuro leaf, on the other hand, is primed with an extra kneading process, breaking down the cell walls for the nutrients to easily infuse into the water upon preparation.

Purify your entire being - from the physical to your spiritual.


Harbor a lifestyle that is purposeful, but at a measured pace.


Live with integrity throughout your journey of self-discovery.

Pure, Organic, Ceremonial Grade Matcha

A high vibrational state of being starts with pure, organic products "heartfully-crafted" with honest ingredients rooted in sustainable practices.


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