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Alexander Burkard

Alexander Burkard

I work in a very vibrant and busy internet marketing industry that requires me to be around everyday of the week including odd hours of the night. 

I've grown up around coffee my whole life. But in the past year I've felt a need to tone down my coffee intake as how my body was starting to react differently to it. I no longer recover as well from the caffeine burst and it sits heavier on my stomach. 

In the search for an alternative, I discovered matcha tea. It's become my go-to beverage to help stay focused throughout the day. It's light, easy to make and doesn't sit heavy in my stomach after drinking it. 

I chose Chafinity products because I feel a connection with their story. Being able to support the local farmers in Japan that have devoted their life to making a good quality product, along with the people responsible for bringing it to my doorstep makes all the difference

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