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Mitsuko Siegrist - Pottery Artisan

Mitsuko Siegrist - Pottery Artisan

Growing up in a Japanese family it is a routine to drink tea all day long. Tea is served for three meals - snack time, or for special tea time with friends, neighbors or guests. For me as a child drinking tea wasn't ceremonial or for health benefits or anything else because it was just a part of the routine. 

However, when I left home to live alone, I realized that one important part of my life was missing. I was spoiled as my mother and grandmother were providing me what I needed without asking. Sounds simple, but it wasn't easy at first: Boiling water, making tea, drinking tea. Where is the good tea? What temperature is appropriate? How long am I waiting? The list goes on. The most important part in tea is my intention and the moment for myself. If I'm making tea for others, it involves more aspects. Sit down, be calm, appreciate, and enjoy that moment with someone or alone.

Back in Japan, we are so lucky to have the top quality tea all the time (especially for me, as my hometown has some small tea farms), and all kinds of wonderful teas are available throughout local stores. 

Now I live in America where all good teas are imported from Japan. But the honest truth must be told - that not all teas are good, even if the products come from Japan. This is why I buy tea for myself when I visit Japan, or rely on friends and family to bring me back good quality tea as a souvenir.

Other than daily green tea drinking, I have practiced Japanese tea ceremony. When I spent time in the tea room -  I learned, I was disciplined, I appreciated, I respected, and I truly enjoyed everything. That was an amazing experience for me and I try my best to transfer those skill sets into my daily life. Through my personal experiences, I developed a perspective for tea and its culture in a very special light. 

I see Matcha is becoming a big trend here in the States as an alternative drink for coffee, or as a superfood that has health benefits. I am happy to see more and more people finally finding out about Matcha, but I believe the proper guidance is missing in the industry.  I don't drink tea the way I drink sports drinks, and I don't drink tea in a plastic cup with a plastic straw.

Tea brings people together, provides us the moment of intention and a space of thinking.

When I met the people of Chafinity, I was blown away. Their passion and beliefs are literally infinite. They care and they work hard on it to bring something they believe in come to life. I'm fortunate to get to know them, and I am so honored to work with them.

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