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Shuichiro Sakamoto - Our Samurai Farmer

Shuichiro Sakamoto - Our Samurai Farmer

A Message from our Chafinity Farmer


"Dear Chafinity Customers, 

Nice to meet you, my name is Sakamoto, and I make tea in Japan.

We have been making tea since my grandfather's generation, and have been in business for over 80 years. We cut my grandfather’s tea field in half and now specialize in growing Organic Gyokuro. It is an extremely arduous process to produce high-quality gyokuro through organic cultivation, and through many long years of research and experience, we have achieved the art of producing highly-effective tea that also carry natural umami. 

The reason why I stripped away half my field is to focus on formulating an organic fertilizer that is indispensable for this cultivation - and I felt that if I could not make people healthy with my tea, than I don’t feel any sense of empowerment or fulfillment toward my purpose in what I do.

Medical expenses in the United States are massively high. People are indeed starting to live longer, but the average life expectancy and healthy life expectancy is not the same as before. In order to live a life without stress, Gyokuro is perfect as it is embedded with the relaxing amino acid of theanine and brings you to a space of mindfulness. In Japan, tea and Zen have been an inseparable combination for a long time, and are now inherited and transcended as a tea ceremony. 

At this time, it is our great honor and joy to be able to deliver our tea to you through Chafinity®, and we will continue to do our best to produce exceptional, healthful tea. We hope you can spend stress-free days with our tea, and will pray for your best health all the way from Japan.

I would be so delighted if I ever have the opportunity to share more with you all, as I go through my life experiences and gather my findings. Thank you so much!


Sakamoto Organic Tea L.L.C


President of Kagoshima Prefecture Production Association

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