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Tracy Bui - Yoga Instructor

Tracy Bui - Yoga Instructor
I love me some matcha green tea and Chafinity is of the highest quality. From the smooth rich taste, to the aromatic smell, every time I take a sip, I feel the invigorating boost of energy hit my bones. I’m a life coach and yoga instructor so it’s important for me to be at my best at all times so that I’m able to show up for my clients and students. Because I’ve added drinking a cup of Chafinity just about every morning, I can feel the difference of how clear my mind is and how calm my body feels. Since my lifestyle is quite flexible and I can work from just about anywhere, I am a frequent traveler and love to explore different cultures from around the globe. I’m so glad that Chafinity has made tea packets as well as individual tea sticks so I can have my nourishing cup of matcha green tea everywhere I go. Thank you Chafinity for high quality matcha for this always on the go wanderlust! <3

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