Gyokuro Midori


Organic Green Tea Loose Leaves - 50g

 Our organic green tea loose leaves are quality at its finest, shade-grown and cultivated in the heart of Kagoshima, Japan. Sun-deprivation helps the tea plant to release high amounts of L-Theanine into the gyokuro leaves, allowing for a delicate and sweet taste. Midori means "green" in Japanese, embodying the vibrant colors of our tea field.


Preparation Guide

Set your intentions, clear your mind, and open your senses...

1. Pour hot water into the tea cups. (This extra step is done to warm up the drinking vessels, in preparation for the green tea.)
2. Scoop 8g of Gyokuro Midori into your steeping vessel.
3. Discard the water into the tea vessel.
4. Allow to steep for 2 minutes.
5. Pour the tea, alternating between the 2 cups for an even pour.

* Enjoy up to 5 steeps.

- Store tea tin inside the fridge for a longer shelf life.
- Keep tea tin away from the light to preserve the matcha’s chlorophyll content.

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