Matcha Gokoro

Organic Ceremonial Premium Matcha - 30g

The name, Matcha Gokoro 抹茶ごころ , comes from our deep love and connection for matcha, the heart center of all our products. Our premium, certified organic gyokuro green tea leaves are meticulously stone-ground to perfection from Kagoshima, Japan, and embodies the spirit of Japanese tea ceremonies to be enjoyed in all occasions.

To ensure optimal purity, we test our matcha for heavy metals, radioctivity, mold, and pesticides. See test results.


Preparation Guide

Set your intentions, clear your mind, and open your senses...

1. Pour hot water into Chawan to warm up vessel. Discard water.
3. Wipe bowl clean.
4. Scoop 2g of Matcha Gokoro, and sift.
5. Pour over 2oz of hot water. (at 80°C; not boiling)
6. Begin whisking in a rapid back and forth motion until frothy.
7. Ease your speed, and gently lift whisk off as foam starts to set.

- Keep refrigerated after opening.
- Utilize the provided plastic lid for an airtight seal.
- Avoid oxygen exposure as much as possible.

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