Matcha Bamboo Scoop

A Chashaku is a traditional tool used for measuring a precise serving of matcha. It is also designed to sift out any clumps through a sifter for a frothy finish. Each Chashaku is hand-carved by master craftsman, Tatehiro "Komakichi" Kubo from Nara, Japan.  As one of the youngest artisans in the village, Kubo is spearheading the next generation of artisans and keeping the over 500 years of tradition alive.

  • * Handmade by Kubo Komakichi
  • * Local bamboo from Nara Prefecture
  • * Chemical-free
  • * Made in Japan

*Please be aware that this item is handmade. Each item will vary slightly due to natural materials, shape, color shade, and pattern. 100% bamboo made in Japan.


Care Guide

- To clean your Chashaku Scoop, wipe clean with a dry tissue, paper towel or cloth.
- Avoid water and soap.
- Store in a place with a dry-cool temperature.

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