Holidays are a time to reconnect with yourself

Health is Wealth

This Holiday season, Celebrate you with the ritual of Japanese green tea

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Reawaken Your Inner Peace with the help of our…

The Zen Bundle makes an ideal gift for the traditionalists that enjoy revelling in the moment. This set celebrates the art of slowing down, and quieting the mind to reengage with the Higher Self. Transform your tea-time into an elegant experience with this classic ritual set.

This bundle includes

* Gyokuro Midori - organic green tea loose leaves (50g tin)

* Umami Sencha - organic matcha-infused green tea bags (20 bags/box)

* Kumo Tea Towel - made of 100% Japanese cotton (color: matcha green)


Take a Moment & Reflect


is a famous Japanese proverb that reminds us to cherish the moment, here and now, as this very moment will only happen once in this lifetime.

This proverb is traditionally used in a Japanese tea ceremony. It teaches us to treasure each drop of moment in life. The Samurai Ages were a time where warriors could lose their lives at any given moment. Within an era where death came so quickly and unexpectedly, this philosophy paved them to acknowledge the people before them with their highest hospitality, as it may be their last encounter.


  • The Samurai drank green tea for increased focus and endurance for drawn-out battles.
  • Buddhist Monks drank green tea to aid meditation, their daily source of enlightenment and self-cultivation.
  • Green tea is a natural remedy, used as plant medicine for many centuries.
  • Tea-drinking has been prized to be the secret to longevity.
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The Best Seller Bundle includes our customer favorites, a perfect set for our matcha enthusiasts. Enjoy this exquisite gift of purity & mindfulness crafted into one unique assortment.

This bundle includes:

* Matcha Gokoro - organic matcha green tea powder (30g tin)
* Kantan Matcha - organic matcha easy sticks (15 sticks/box)
* Kumo Face Mask - made of 100% Japanese cotton
(color: matcha green)

Organic Matcha Bundle

Organic Matcha Bundle


The Organic Matcha Bundle is the perfect quintessential set that celebrates the key products to complete your extraordinary matcha experience. Feel the restorative power of rituals unfold as you invest in your higher health.

This bundle includes:

* Matcha Gokoro - organic matcha green tea powder (30g tin)
* Chasen Whisk - matcha whisk (pure bamboo; 100-prong)
* Chashaku Scoop - matcha scoop (pure bamboo)
* Chakoshi Strainer - matcha strainer


With all the external energies happening around us, it’s important to stay centered and reconnect with what matters to us most- family, health, and memorable experiences.

You control the thoughts in your mind.
You control the way you respond to the circumstances.
YOU. (Not the media, not even your friends & family.)

So this holiday season, whether you are celebrating in solitude or with those closest to you, make sure to make time for your health - your inner and outer well-being.

| Quality at its highest |

  • All Chafinity tea is made out of organic Gyokuro, the rarest green tea plant in Japan.
  • Our farmer is the only farmer in the world that grinds Gyokuro into matcha. (Matcha is commonly grounded from Tencha leaves.)
  • Our products only use First Harvest tea leaves.
  • Our tea plants are grown through Beyond Organic practices, nurtured with homemade fertilizer that gives back to Mother Earth.


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Start a new tradition this year & reach for your higher health with the ritual of Japanese Green Tea

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