Signature Collection Set


Organic Green Tea, Spouted Bowl, Whisk, Scoop, Stand, Strainer


This masterbox has every tea tool you need to help guide your journey towards optimal health married with the direct spirit of Japanese tea ceremonies. From the first moment of measuring the organic powder with the Chashaku scoop all the way to the last step of enjoying the tea, we hope to bring to you a sense of omotenashi (wholehearted Japanese hospitality) from Japan to the comfort of your own home. 


This kit includes:
* Matcha Gokoro (30g) - organic stone ground green tea
* Katakuchi Matcha Bowl - handcrafted spouted bowl
* Chasen (100-prong) - matcha whisk
* Chasen Stand - whisk stand
* Chashaku - matcha scoop
* Chakoshi - mesh sifter
*Gift Box - becomes a tabletop display


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